Magento shows blank/empty page. How do I solve this?

Blank page is shown in Magento Frontend, Backend or Magento Connect Manager

If you see a blank page opening your Store in browser, it indicates that there is a PHP syntax error somewhere in the code of your site.
This usually happens when you modified files, templates or extensions manually, or installed a theme or extension with PHP syntax errors.

Before starting investigation please try to Disable Magento Compiler and Clear cached Magento data , in the most cases it should solve the issue.
To see the actual error message you need to login via FTP to your Store and use the following instructions:

Restrict access to your website

It is also highly encouraged to restrict access to your website while repairing the database or making upgrade. Here is an example of restricting your website instance to your IP address exclusively. Other visitors, including search spiders, will get the HTTP 503 Service Unavailable error.

JF Twitter module problem fix

If you have experienced this error in your webpage:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /modules/mod_jf_twitter/helper.php on line 38

Then it is a problem of “JF Twitter” module. Do the following on /modules/mod_jf_twitter/helper.php/helper.php on line 38:

How do I manually kill a process on my Linux server?

Log into your server as the root user and find the process PID that you wish to kill. You can do that by issuing the ps command with the aux options. See example below.

ps aux

This will display a process list and each visible process should have a line similar to the one below.

username 31262 0.0 0.0 12168 1752 ? S 00:25 0:00 somecommand


Accessing the current user object

For every request in Joomla!, there is one user. Information about this user is readily available through the Joomla! framework in the form of an object. To get this object for the current user, use the following member function of JFactory:

	$user =& JFactory::getUser();


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